Organisations must adopt ethics in AI to win the public’s trust and loyalty

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The ethics behind artificial intelligence will determine what our future will look like. Consumers increasingly demand ethical behavior from AI systems. According to a Capgemini study however, only half of the executives that were interviewed consider it important that AI systems are ethical.

5G considered key enabler for digital transformation in industrial organisations

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The fifth generation of mobile networking technology (5G) ranks is seen as a key enabler for the digital transformation, whereas cloud computing is considered the first. Most industrial companies plan to implement 5G within two years and many consider acquiring their own private licenses.

Consumers are embracing AI, but businesses fail to prioritise CX

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer alien to consumers, with close to three-quarters (73%) indicating they have interacted via AI, and 69% of those who have used AI being satisfied with those interactions, a new study from Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute finds.

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